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Discussion created by Polarpro on Jul 1, 2014
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When a user makes a change in the MAIN TABLE, a record in the SAFE TABLE is stored that shows the record exactly in the way before the changes were made. So, a user can look at all the records in SAFE that belong to the record in MAIN, and he can compare what has happened. The primary key in MAIN is a foreign key in SAFE. On the layout in MAIN Full View there is a portal that shows all the SAFE records that belong to the record in MAIN, sorted in creation order.


It would be nice if I could format the changed fields in a way, so that the user easily can see which fields have changed. For example: If a change was made in the Name field, then it would be good if the youngest record in the portal of SAFE records would have a red border around the Name field.


So, I'm looking for a way to compare a SAFE record with its predecessor, in order to make a conditional formatting happen.


I'm grateful for any idea...


:-) Mike