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    Server 13 SSL 2 Machine Deployment - Certificate Confusion


      We've just upgraded a 2 machine FileMaker Server v12 deployment to v13 - everything is going well so far except for the certificate that was previously used for the worker machine's Apache server.


      Here's a summary of what we currently have:


      Master machine (database server): server1.com


      Worker machine (web server, Web Publishing Engine): server2.com


      Previously server2.com was using the OS X Server version of Apache with an SSL certficate. Now that we have upgraded to v13 we have to use the instance of Apache that FMS installs - no problems there. Server2.com is only used for PHP/Custom Web Publishing - we're not using WebDirect at thist stage.


      At the moment when I go to:




      it works but I get the standard message that "Sarfari can't verify the indentity of the website 'server2.com' . .." and I can click Continue and it works as expected. When I view the certificate that's being used I can see it's using the FMI Certificate Authority. I now need to replace this with the existing SSL certificate that we previously used with server2.


      I have these existing certificate files:








      I'm not sure what steps I now need to take to get Apache on the worker machine/server2.com to use our existing SSL certificate. I'm not sure if I need to use the fmsadmin CERTIFCATE commands etc or if I can copy files and modify Apache .conf files to get this working, or some combination of them.


      Also if I need to use the fmsadmin CERTIFCATE commands do I perform this on server1.com or server2.com or both? server1.com obviously has a different DNS name and doesn't require it's own SSL certificate - we're happy to use the FMI self signed one for that machine, but need to use a custom SSL certificate for server2.com.


      Appreciate if anyone has got Apache SSL Certficate installed for 2 machine deployment and could share the required steps.