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    Interactive Containers not Interactive


      I haven't had much need for container fields until recently so while I have a good deal of FM experience, not much is with container fields.


      Environment: FMP13 clients connecting to FM13 Server. The container data is stored in the DB itself. The OS is 100% Windows.


      If I place the fmp12 file on a regular desktop PC the container fields are interactive. By interactive, I mean PDFs for instance can be viewed directly and the user can page through the document without needing to export the PDF. However, if I place the file on the server and let Filemaker Server 13 host it, the container fields are not interactive. All I get is a page that says "Webpage Cannot Be Displayed." I can export the PDFs just fine but I cannot interact with them while they are in FM.


      Any thoughts?

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          The "interactivity" or streaming when the file is hosted on FMS goes through port 80 or port 443 so make sure those are available.

          Also if you have FMS configured to require secure connections you have to additionally and explicitly toggle the "allow progressive downloading" too.

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            Suggest you try different storage options and see if that helps. One of the new external storage options will almost certainly perform better than storing a reference.

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              Thanks for the suggestions but no luck. Both ports are open and both SECURE CONNECTIONS and PROGRESSIVE DOWNLOADING are checked as well. Still no interactive content. For good measure I restarted the server last night and again this morning no interactive content.  Works fine if I place the file on my PC but when its on the server the container field is not interactive.

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                Is the server on the same network as you?

                What are the server's specs?

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                  The server is on the same network (domain) and is Windows Server 2012 R2.

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                    I have this same problem on a development machine I have that I do all kinds of incorrect and test things on and just marked it up to it being the development machine that I don't mind breaking things on.  What I've noticed is that it has to do with the default PDF viewer I have and something breaking with the OS talking to that viewer.  Once it breaks, it will not fix itself unless I do a full restart.  This is on a different OS, it is a Mac OS X 10.8.5 and my default PDF previewer is Acrobat Professional 9.5.5.  I seem to be able to fix it by going to the Apple default PDF previewer called "Preview".  However, it doesn't have some of the controls and things I want in the full version of Acrobat.  So I just live with this problem on this machine.  Basically, I don't have an answer for you, but just confirming I have the same type of problem.  I can change the interactivity type to just image and can see a preview of the first page, but it is no longer interactive and that is frustrating.  But every time I restart, the problem goes away and about a week later, it comes back.  I have yet to figure out what I do to cause it to come back and I've tried many things to see what it was.  I've tried it with Acrobat open or closed.  I've force quite Acrobat to see if I could cause it to start failing interactivity and FileMaker and it doesn't happen either.  Anyway, it only happens on this development machine and I mostly ignore it.  But if someone comes up with the solution, I'm very interested too. 

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                      Taylor, Thank you. At least I know I'm not alone now.


                      I'm going to write this off as a bug. Can't think of anything else to try.


                      It's disappointing because I built a quick demo for our marketing people and ran it on directly laptop to show how it would look and work and now I have to go back to them and give them the old Emily Litella line: "Never mind."

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                        This happens to me on my server (FMS and fixes itself when it restarts at least for a few days until it comes back.  Is the database hosted on a server or a local host on FileMaker Pro?  What happens if you restart your computer?  Does it ever work for you or is it always broken?  Have you tried it on another machine.  Mine works when I go to other machines, just not this development one. 

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                          Didn't you say you were using Windows Server? Taylor's experience references a Mac Server deployment.


                          Does this happen when accessed by a different client machine?

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                            It's hosted on server running Windows Server 2012 R2. It's running the latest version of Filemaker Server 13.  All web services seem to be running.


                            I've restarted both my own PC and the server. No luck. Ports 80 & 443 are open. Windows Firewall is off. I've tried disabling antivirus on both my PC and the server. No luck.


                            I have not tried hosting the file on a different PC. It might be interesting to see if it fixes the problem but we are not going to host in a peer-to-peer sceneraio in production because the data is too valuable and we have too many users.


                            To answer Martin's question I've accessed it using both Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines and none of them work properly.

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                              And just to further clarify, I am user FMS on Mac OS X 10.8.5 and using the same machine with FMPA 13.0v3 to access the database on FMS.  Its a develoment environment so I have FMPA and FMS on the same machine. 

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                                Are you using Acrobat Reader on those machines. What version of Reader and IE? I had a problem at one client where we were using Reader 11 and IE 11. Rolling back reader to an earlier version stopped the problem. When I was suggesting trying it on another machine I did mean a different client machine.


                                Did you check the location for the files once moved to the server in the store External options.


                                Did you insert the PDFs to the file after moving it to the server?

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                                  Hi Martin,


                                  It is indeed Reader 11 with Internet Explorer 11. Both are the latest versions offered I do believe. Maybe I'll try reverting back to something older.


                                  This is a brand new database file that I just built from scratch using using FMP13A. The database file had no container data until after it was placed on the server. I am not storing the container data externally because I eventually intend to deploy a mobile version of the database file that will reside on the laptops of the traveling sales staff. They will not have a reliable connection to the main office and the data is fairly static so having them use an untethered copy should be fine.


                                  I didn't want to bore the TechNet people with unnecessary detail but since the ultimate deployment will be on each local PC, I expect that the interactivity will work fine for most of the people. It's the in-house folks that connect to the hosted version that it won't work for.

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                                    So you are saving the PDFs directly into the container  - no file reference or external storage options? I can't say I have experience with that as my hosted deployments are using External storage. When an "untethered version" is needed this is created by saving the file as a self contained version from the server. But in these situations the database and the PDF collections are forever changing and quite large.

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