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Create more than one record

Question asked by papawheelie on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by ChadAdams

Every week I take a physical count of all my product.

Product is one table

Physical count is another table.

"one product to may counts"

Is it possible for me to create a button on the Physical count table. That would create one record for every product from the product table.

(product label has one record for each product)

My product is stored in different locations so one product could be in several locations. If I duplicate records I would then have to erase the qty in each location with many chances of errors.

End goal is to create a new record for each product every week to determine which products to replenish.

User would click button new set of records would be created then move from one location to the next entering data.

I am really new to this and hope I explained correctly.