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    Incremented text


      I am working on part of a solution that generates URLs for records.


      The issue is having the same URL. If there are multiple records for "Ford Falcon" or "Chevy Nova" I need URLs that are incremented such as "http://www.../ford-falcon.htm" and then "http://www.../ford-falcon-2.htm" and then "http://www.../ford-falcon-3.htm".


      Looping through the entire database looking for a match of each increment and then appending the correct number is too intensive.


      I was thinking of a table with all of the name values and and increment number. If the name is on the table get the number and increment +1. Finding an existing record and incrementing the value is easy.


      If the name is not already in the table a new record needs to be added. The thing I am having trouble with is how to script somehting to happen when a match is not found. I am sure this is simple but I am missing it.

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          get(lasterror)?  (if not 0, etc)

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            Why not create a self-join by name, then check on the count of related records and either increment or add a new record?

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              There is a function FilterValues() that might help along with getting all the current "increments" into a List. Store the list of values, test a new possible against the list with FilterValues(), if there's not a match, use the value and add it to the list. If there is a match, try the next increment.


              You might even use PatternCount() on the list to see how many "ford-falcon-" have been used, assuming you have the increments correct.


              Then there's the ExecuteSQL to narrow list of what's used based on the "ford-falcon".


              Lots of lovely possibilities.

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                This is what I was looking for mostly. It is simple. I just never had a use for somehting like this yet. 0 for scripts, 401 for finds, 1408 & 1409 for ExecuteSQL.

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                  Selecting the increment direcly from the table where the model = "Ford Falcon" using ExecuteSQL seems like the quickest way. If that fails and returns an error then add the name to the table.