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Continuing a Paused Script on Data Input from RFID Reader - ASCII Codes

Question asked by lematelot on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by ChadAdams

I currently run a solution where a script is paused awaiting entry from a user, then the user enters the data and presses the ENTER key (on the numeric keypad) to un-pause the script and do calculations, before creating a new record ready for the next data entry, and so on.


The script woks fine for the keyboard entry but now I want to add the ability to get data from an RFID reader to input over USB - essentially a keyboard emulation. The reader says you can add an ASCII code to the end of the data string, and I am using ASCII code 10 for the ENTER key.


The data is entering into the field without problems, but that ASCII code is not triggering the script to un-pause and do the next steps.


Am I using the correct ASCII code ? (I have also tried ASCII 13 - the RETURN key - and this does not work either.)


Any hints as to what I'm doing wrong ?


Filemaker 12, Mac.