How to update webdirect only solution regularly ?

Discussion created by intex on Jul 3, 2014
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Hi at all,


We were thinking of offering webdirect only solutions (i.e. the customer doesn´t get the FileMaker file, only the hosted solution, SAAS made with FileMaker).


But updating such solutions seems to be the biggest problem:


- we update/change every and each database file. May be possible with small updates and little numbers of customers, but it´s a NoGo for a large update and more than 10 customers

- we update/change one file and when we are ready, we exchange the hosted files. Then we would have to import the customer's data into their new files. Although we could script this and by this automate this very much, it will be a very big effort with larger numbers of customers.

- we thought of putting all customers into one database for easier maintenance, but with a maximum of 50 clients or so you can never generate a bigger business. And only god knows how a database with 50 simultaneous clients would perform.



To us it seems, that FileMaker is running into big problems here, because it doesn´t offer the separation of data and programming und can´t add fields etc. via script.


Are there any solutions to this problem we didn´t think of ?