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    [ANN] GoZync 5 (faster syncs & new example files)




      GoZync 5 makes some substantial speed improvements when pulling records by introducing Perform Script on Server (PSOS). This radically reduces the time it takes to determine which records have changed: this makes the biggest difference in cases where there are a large number of potential records but only some have changed since the last sync.


      Here's an example: 100,000 records, 5,500 on this iPad, 100 records changed on the server and pulled down to iPad. 50 fields.

      3:20 min (GoZync 4)

      32 seconds to pull (GoZync 5)


      Other cool changes


      • GoZync now only adds one hosted file to your solution (instead of two in GZ4). Opening one less hosted file means version 5 is faster even before the PSOS improvements take effect.


      • The script for filtering which records get pulled down to a given user is now in the hosted file so it can be tweaked after you deploy.


      • A new example file called Worx includes examples of syncing related records and checking out records. Scripts from Worx are easily pasted into your own files.


      • This example file has been "fingerprinted" to GoZync so you can use it indefinitely until you modify its tables or add fields--then you'll need to get a two week demo license or a ProZync License to keep going.


      • Upgrade and migration instructions are here.


      • See GoZync 5 in Action here: 1 Minute Version, or the Detailed Version (8min)