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    resizing from FM to FM Go for iPad


      I have created a layout in FM 11 which uses many checkbox sets. I have them formatted as I need them on the computer, yet when I open the file on the iPad it resizes the fields in a manner that I cannot figure out. I have created page layouts to match the ipad in both L and P modes on the computer to no avail on the iPad. I have made the fields larger and smaller. I have anchored all four sides and two sides as by default.


      As an example: First checkbox is 5 down and 3 across on the computer. On the iPad it shows 4 down and 4 across. Normally the rearrangement would be fine. Unfortunately, not in this case. The rows and columns have meaning.


      I am sure I am missing something simple.


      Any help is always appreciated.


      Happy 4th,



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          Screenshots would help. Also chiming in with the normal recommendation to upgrade to FM13 sooner rather than later as support will eventually fall off for v.11. The latest versions have better themes and guides for developing iOS-friendly interfaces as well.


          Fonts are different in FMGo vs. the desktop, so some resizing of checkboxes are normal.


          Default anchoring should be top + left. It might also not be a bad idea to separate your layouts so you have one specifically for the iPad, then another one for the desktop.

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            Thank you for your quick response.


            I agree on the upgrade to FM13.  Unfortunately not all clients want ot spend the money .  I am using a font, Helvetica, which should be the same on both platforms.


            I have the two layouts which did not solve any of my problems.  Would be so nice if Filemaker had a default iphone and ipad layout rather than creating my own.


            I have solved some of the problem by messing with the field sizes.  As you can see, in order to get the right number of rows on the ipad I had to overlay the fields on the computer.  I will continure to play with things.

            Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.36.13 PM.png

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              I agree with Mike's general recommendations (separate layouts for iPad & desktop, playing about with fonts, UPGRADE ..)  


              Also, something you might want to consider: Since your columns have meaning, you might want to separate them out into more than one field. You could have a field for column 1, a field for column 2, a field for column 3, etc. Then, if you needed all the data in a single field, it would be a simple matter to use the List function to stick them all back together, like this:


                   List ( column1 ; column2 ; column 3 )


              That would give you the formatting you need and still give you the data flexibility.





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                Actually, Helvetica may not be the same on all platforms. Try Tahoma or Verdana.

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                  This is a great idea!  Not one I had thought of before.  I will give that a try. 


                  Thank you very much.

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                    Neither of those made a difference.  Actually Tahoma made it worse.  I will keep plugging away.  Thank you,

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                      No need for separate fields. That would be excessive.

                      Better would be to use the same field repeated with different value lists attached to the checkbox.

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                        Ah, yes. Long as you’re careful to recognize that the values exist across all the copies (so you don’t accidentally use a “Clear Field” script step or something similar, thinking you’re only clearing one column), this is better.

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                          Again, such amazing ideas that I was not familiar with.  How do you change the value list that the same field uses?  Whenever I use the same field twice the same value fills itself in.


                          I guess my basic question still has not been answered:  Is is normal for the formatting I see on my computer not to translate to what I see on the iPad?  If everyone thinks this is simply due to the fact that  am using FM11, I will upgrade.


                          I am working on a shoe string budget and this file will eventually have 13 pages with 15 value lists per page.  Before I dig in, I want to make sure I have all of the kinks worked out on page one.



                          Thanks as always,



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                            Each “object” (field, or copy thereof) can be assigned a different formatting, including a value list to display. Once you’ve duplicated the field, just change the value list of one of the copies in the Inspector.


                            As to the “is it just because this is version 11” question, I can’t say for sure. I can tell you that Go 11 is no longer supported, and, to reiterate what Mike B. mentioned, Pro 11 won’t be forever. Go 13 has seen a great deal of work in layout rendering, so it may solve the issue. However, even in 12/13, you can still run into issues depending on fonts and screen resolutions. I know I’ve had some issues due to different print drivers on Windows. Is it "normal"? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes takes a little tweaking. Sometimes takes quite a bit. Sometimes doesn't take any, depending on exactly what you're doing.


                            Again, you probably would do well to have separate layouts for the iPad and desktop. This is more or less standard practice. You would also find that upgrading will give you access to substantially improved layout tools (like stencils that predefine the boundaries of the iOS devices so you can predict more reliably how your layout might look). Of course, I certainly understand the "shoestring budget" issue.   




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                              Early riser I see!


                              Ok, I did what you suggested as it seemed the only thing to do.  Even though each field that is placed on the layout multiple times now has different checkbox values or sets, it does not put in different values on the screen.  I must be missing something.


                              as an example:  comments is what i am working on right now.  I have three fields labeled comments.  I have different values for each field.  It simply fills in all of them what I have checked in the last box.


                              I of course missed the special on FM13.  Time to dive in.



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                                The field will have the same values (because it's the same field). This is what I alluded to in my answer to David above ("values exist across all the copies"). The trick comes from recognizing that they won't show up because only the checkbox values will be shown. See the attached file.

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                                  My bad.  The field I am playing with is not a checkbox.  It is a dropdown.  My brain is tired.


                                  I understand now.


                                  I will continue to play around and have a discussion about upgrading.


                                  I shall chime in as needed.


                                  Thank you again,



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                                    Just adding a brief observation re designing for iPad. While the layout you show in your image may be fine for a desktop/laptop where you select checkboxes by mouse, it looks to me like one that would be awfully tricky on a touchscreen device. Have you considered splitting the form into a series of screens with much larger touch buttons to do the data entry? AND (but wait, there's more!) to add to your argument for an upgrade to FM13, with the lates version you can do much with sliding object panels, conditional hiding, etc to make the whole data entry process more user responsive.

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