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Create Runtime in Mavericks - FMSTRS.dls and info.plist errors

Question asked by mramsay21104 on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by codecruncher

For a few months I was able to create runtimes in Mavericks with FM12 Advanced at will. Several days ago my fortunes turned. I get two messages when the runtime engine is Copying Solutions Files - Internal Runtime Libraries. As the FMStrs.dls tries to load - "the action cannot be performed because the required table is missing." Some other FMStrs.dls files load fine. Alss during Copying Solution Files, when info.plist comes, I get "file is locked or in use" for one instance. The only thing done recently is hook up a new disk drive by firewire and operate Time Machine. I have looked in resource folders and checked that all FMStrs files are unlocked. I have redownloaded FM12 to no avail. I have repaired disk permissions. I have checked all the FMStrs.dls files in the language folders and they are all unlocked. Permission to write to them is only granted to the System. The info.plist files in the top directory of the Runtime app and Filemaker Pro Advanced app are all unlocked and full read/write permission. I threw out old Filemaker version files nearer to the root directory. Nothing changes. Anybody have a solution to this problem?