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ODBC and 255 characters

Question asked by scubed on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by scubed

Seems that our FM13 ODBC driver with the 'Describe text fields as long varchar' box checked still only gets a maximum of 255 characters using the PHP odbc_result() method.


I am using the latest PHP from xampp on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium and I have set up the drivers in odbcad32.

The Filemaker ODBC driver is Version PHP is and a build date of Apr 8 2014 15:01:59.


I am accessing FM through a server running FMserver 13.0.1 over Windows 7 Professional.


The exact same PHP code will extract all characters in the field when running on a mac.


Anyone else have a similar experience? Any suggestions? (Other than the obvious - run it on a mac!)


I thought this issue had been fixed a while ago with the check box.


Thanks for any answers...