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    ODBC and 255 characters


      Seems that our FM13 ODBC driver with the 'Describe text fields as long varchar' box checked still only gets a maximum of 255 characters using the PHP odbc_result() method.


      I am using the latest PHP from xampp on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium and I have set up the drivers in odbcad32.

      The Filemaker ODBC driver is Version PHP is and a build date of Apr 8 2014 15:01:59.


      I am accessing FM through a server running FMserver 13.0.1 over Windows 7 Professional.


      The exact same PHP code will extract all characters in the field when running on a mac.


      Anyone else have a similar experience? Any suggestions? (Other than the obvious - run it on a mac!)


      I thought this issue had been fixed a while ago with the check box.


      Thanks for any answers...