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    iOS Download woes


      Since iOS 7.1.1 or perhaps it is since FM Go 13, I have not been able to deploy a file to a device via http URL.

      (yes it did just occur to me that I should test an ftp URL)


      Zips want to open in everything else other than FMGo and one by one I have deleted Bump and Documents and Dropbox etc until nothing except FMGo COULD open it before it would open in FMGO... even though the options in the email ask if you want to open in FM Go...


      Uncompressed files just open in Safari as text.


      I am limited now to only be able to email the file as an attachment...


      This is happening on my 3 devices and those of my client and yesterday on a brand new never synched and only FMGo downloaded iPad mini...


      Is this a common experience or is there something else going on?


      - Lyndsay

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          Hi Lyndsay,


          If "Uncompressed files just open in Safari as text" it sounds like you need to set a MIME type on the web server to handle .fmp12 files correctly, so that they are downloaded instead of the browser trying to read the contents.


          From memory I had to do this on a Windows 2008 server that I setup a few years ago for this to work - I can look up the details if you're not sure what to set.


          BTW make sure you're aware of this known issue with file references in files deployed to the iOS device via email/HTTP:




          I spent a few days trying to work out what was going on as the method you load the file onto the devices determines whether the file references will work the first time the file is opened.





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            Yes... well I DID have OSX Server on this machine which I had to sacrifice to install FMS13... so I am stuck with the FMS Apache.... Just need to figure out how to change the mime types there... Mind you ... you would think that FMI might have done that for us!


            I have been thinking I might try to put it in a container field and have FMGo save it locally from there...


            I think you are right... that i have had this problem since FMS13 was set up...


            Thanks for the comments, Andrew. Are you off to DevCon?


            - Lyndsay

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              Hi Lyndsay,


              I just did a quick test - I put a copy of the FMServer_Sample.fmp12 database on my FMS 13 server at:


              /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/FMServer_Sample.fmp12


              I then sent the URL of that to my iPad:




              and was presented with the expected screen to open in FM Go - I didn't have to fiddle my MIME types etc:




              So basically working as expected for me.


              Yes - off to DevCon in a few weeks, will be exhibiting our new version of fmSMS at our booth. Now I need to get back to work and get that finished :-)

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                FileMaker Go does not open compressed zip files. FileMaker Go opens .fmp files only.


                You can place a standard, ready to open FileMaker file in a shared Dropbox folder and with a few clicks open that in Go or you can email a Go file, not zipped, and open that with a few button clicks with Mail.


                Where you are failing is trying to use a zipped file. That doesn't work.


                One interesting trick is that if you have a hosted file, you can place the non-zipped FileMaker file inside a container using FileMaker Pro and then download the contents using FIleMaker Go. This can be a bit slow but it works, its easy and anyone can do it without any technical skill.

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                  Just a little update:


                  I removed the app "Documents" from my IOS devices... and now the zips and the http links work just fine...


                  - Lyndsay

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                    It used to work, Jack... and now it does again. iOS decompresses the zip and as long as you don't have other apps which think they can open fmp12 files... FM Go opens them.