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Re-Sorting a Portal

Question asked by maddie on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by BruceRobertson

I currently have a portal that holds a customer's notes. Right now it sorts by status by a value list (active, complete and canceled), the date due (descending), and the last modified date/time (descending).


My client wants to have the ability to click on the portal labels to re-sort the portal based on the label clicked, at the same time retaining the status and the last modified sorts.


I've suggested using invisible tabs for the label headers so then the layout will update with a different portal, but it will have the sort he wants. He doesn't want that, he wants to see the pointer to change to a hand so then he knows there's a button there that can be clicked.


I also tried using hiding portals layered on top of each other, when he clicks the label a global variable is set to the label name. All other portals are hidden while the correct portal is displayed. Unfortunately one of his co-workers has a slow connection, and complains that the portal disappears whenever he clicks on a label. It eventually re-appears, but it takes a minute or two for it to "revive".


I am now trying to use a global field in the notes table that will grab the label name and will then change the sort based on whatever was grabbed.


For example: the starting sort is status, date due, last mod. a user then clicks on the subject field. to view things alphabetically. the sort on the portal then changes to status, subject, last mod.


Any ideas how this should work?