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Newbie seeking advice on troubleshooting calculations

Question asked by heykug on Jul 7, 2014
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Hi all,


I'm very new to FileMaker and I have a basic troubleshooting question regarding a calculation field.


I have created a simple calculation field to add two fields across tables on a layout I call "overview". On the "overview" layout, I have populated data from other tables to display for quick reference that is basically a compilation of segregated tables that can be viewed as portals on its own layout.


I have table "Purchase Orders" that contains value "Contract Amount". Purchase Orders::Contract Amount is value 1.


The second table "Change Orders" contains a portal on the overview page that sorts the change orders by job number and have created a "Running Sum" of change orders for each record. Value 2 would be Change Orders::Running Sum.


My display calculation field "New Subcontract Sum" should display the Original Sum (Purchase Orders::Contract Amount) + the Increased Amount due to Change Orders (Change Orders::Running Sum) to create a New Subcontract Sum.


New Subcontract Sum=

Purchase Orders::Contract Amount + Change Orders::Running Sum


The calculation works fine on certain records, but does not seem to carry over into all of the records. I have checked the relationships, field size, the storage, and tried to change the formula to an aggregate summary function, all of which either do not fix it, or do not work. It is unstored, no repetition, and is displayed as a number. I checked preview mode, and even print and still it does not carry into all records.


Any guidance on how to solve this simple problem would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!