Save/Send as PDF generates "locked" PDF?

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Jul 8, 2014
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I have a user who is running into an issue with every PDF he generates using Filemaker's built in PDF distiller (IE File > Save/Send Records.. > PDF, or "save as PDF" in the status bar), he is unable to copy/paste from once it's made. The only thing I can tell that is out of the ordinary is that the user has a full copy of acrobat installed. At first I thought it was treating the layout as an image when generating the PDF, but it's a simple mostly text report, the file size is small, and I can zoom in completely without quality loss, meaning the font (Verdana 10pt) is definitely rendering.


Windows 7, FM 12.0v4. If he uses the PDF Printer via the file > print dialog, it works as expected.


I searched but didn't really turn up anything useful. I was thinking maybe reinstalling filemaker 12 might correct dependencies, but not sure that would even help at all.


Has anyone run into this type of "locked' PDF behavior before?