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Closing a local file on FM GO from the FM Server

Question asked by madmike6537 on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by madmike6537

Hello all,


I am attempting to set up the "One Click" update found here, but I am running into an issue.


In the example file set up for filemaker 7, it says you need to close your local file on the iPad before downloading the new file. The server file calls this line of code that supposively closes the local filemaker file:


"fmp7script://~/Mobile.fp7?script=Close File"


Now I am trying to convert that into the filemaker 13 version, I have tried the following without success:


"fmp://RestorePoint_Dev_1.7.fmp12?script=Close File"



"fmp://%7e/%24filename?script=Close File" (here I am using the filename passed as a parameter)



"fmp://username:password@%7e/RestorePoint_Dev_1.7.fmp12?script=Close File" (here I try using my username and password to access the file)


I havent been able to get any of these to work. From what I can tell - they are not closing the local file, it remains open. Then when I try to override it with the new file I get the error message that "it is locked or in use". Could anyone help me convert the old code to what it should be now - or does someone with experience with this "one click" process be willing to shed some light on this?