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    Filemaker 8 ValueListItems Question


      I have a Filemaker doc with two tables called "data" and "ID."

      Both tables have a field caleld "name."

      I have a relationship between the two defined as data::name = ID::name

      In the ID table, in addition to the name field, I have a field called "ID."

      In the data table I have a field caled "IDs." It is a calculation field:


      Substitute ( List ( ID::ID ) ; "¶" ; " " )


      This does exactly what you'd expect. It gives me all the related IDs from the ID::ID field in a list and, if there is more than one, gives me them with just a space inbetween.


      I use this in a script where I set a variable - $Id = data::IDs


      I have a new client that is on Filemaker 8, however, and the List command does not work on anything lower than 8.5.


      I understand that there is a way to get the list of IDs from the ID table into a value list and then only display the values from the value list from a related record in a field but can't figure out how to do this.


      Do I have to do something to the ID::ID field?


      How do I define the value list?


      How do I get only related IDs to show up in data::ID?


      Any help would be appreciated.