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Unwanted top margin in container field printing to Kiaro! label printer

Question asked by alejandrolevins on Jul 10, 2014
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I have built a FM solution (in FM Pro 13 Advanced) that prints product labels on-demand to a digital label printer. Everything works except that there is extra white space (margin) at the top of my layout that I cannot seem to remove. I am looking for any practical solution or workaround.


Background: The Label Printer


  • I am printing to a high-resolution (1,200 dpi) Kiaro! digital label printer. It prints onto continuous feed labels, on a roll separated by gaps.
  • The labels themselves are 3.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall. The roll is slightly larger: 3.625" x 5.875”, leaving room for over bleed.


Background: The FM Database


The job of the FM database (as it concerns the label printing) is to:

  • Store label templates, in the form of high-resolution TIFF files in a label_templates table. The templates have blank spaces for:
    • two specific product attributes that are stored in a 'product’ table,
    • one product attribute that is determined on an order-by-order basis, and
    • one product attribute that is based on the current date (the “best-by” date)
  • Overlay appropriate product attributes on the appropriate label template. The main printing layout contains a container field for the label template and fields for each product attribute.
  • Print out customized product labels for each product ordered (based on orders placed on the web and by phone).


Other pertinent background:

  • The label images stored in the database have a black border on all sides to match the color of the product packaging onto which they will be affixed. The label-printing layout contains a container field with a black background. I have made that background red so that it can be distinguished from the label during this troubleshooting phase.
  • I have set the Theme of the layout to “Classic”
  • In inspector->appearance->advanced graphic I have set all padding to “0”
  • In inspector->data->data formatting I have set:
    • Format to “Reduce or enlarge to fit”
    • Maintain original proportions to “checked”
    • Alignment left and top
    • Optimize for images
    • The layout has no header or footer
  • The container is sized to match the maximum label size (3.625 x 5.875) and should over-bleed the printable area by .125” inches laterally and .125” vertically. This should result in image being printed right up to and a little over the edge of the label itself and onto the labal backing.
  • FMP 13 is running on a Windows 8 machine.


The Problem


The labels print with white space at the top and left of the label. After several hours of playing with the print driver (with help from the printer manufacturer), I was able to get the label print with only a little white space at the top and side (still unacceptable on an otherwise black label). We did this by maximizing the available offsets in the printer driver.


It has been suggested that I try printing from FM to a PDF and then from the PDF to the Kiaro! printer might help, but I don’t see how. If FM is adding the white space, it would likely be in the PDF, as well.


I would be grateful for any ideas anyone has for me.


I am attaching a stripped-down version of my database (created in FM 12 Advanced)