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    Duplicates - Pro 13


      My database assigns jobs to one date and one resource manually. I have created a matrix (date vs resource) that shows which job has been allocated to which resource on which day but I would like to double check that I have not allocated more than one job to the same combination of date and resource (a resource can only work on one job on one day). I have tried using the "!" symbol in both of the fields "Date" and "Resource" simultaniously but Find returns most of the records as though it is using OR logic instead of AND logic. I have tried this in a scripted Find and via a manual Find.


      Any ideas how to do this?


      Best wishes



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          Hi Paul,


          Several ways to do this, two that pop to mind are:


          1. Create a calculation field that joins the Date and Resource fields (something like Resource & " " & Date), then search with the ! on that calculated field.
          2. Create a relationship to the same table, where Resource matches Resource and Date matches Date, then check for related values in a script or with a calculation field.


          Hope that helps,



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            Thanks Chad. Why didn't I think of this (lack of experience I suppose)?