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Diminishing Value Lists

Question asked by rmittelman on Jul 10, 2014
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I have a time sheet entry layout, containing fields In1, Out1, Hours1, In2, Out2, Hours2, In3, Out3, Hours3...

The fields are pop-up based on a "Times" value list, which was custom, containing 7:00 AM, 7:15 AM, etc...


To accomplish the diminishing list, I created a table, Times, containing 1 field, Time, and records for all the times I might want to choose.

I created a value list based on this table, then used that VL as the popup source. This works just fine for the "In1" field. So far, so good.


Now for the Out 1 field, I only want the pop-up to show times AFTER the time already selecte for the In1 field.

To accomplish this, I created a TO called Out Times 1, and related the TimeSheetData::In1 field to the Out Times 1::Time field. I changed the = to a < so the Out Times 1 records would be GREATER than the TimeSheetData::In 1 value. I created a new value list called Out Times 1, based on the Out Times 1 TO, then told the Out1 pop-up to be based on that value list.


In theory, the pop-up for Out1, now based on the Out Times 1 value list, should only show times greater than the In1 value.

So even though the Times table contains 7:00, 7:15, 7:30..., if I selected 9:15 for In1, then click in Out1 field, the pop-up should only show values starting after 9:15, right?


Unfortunately, this does not work. All of the available Times show up, beginning with 7:00 AM. Any ideas why this doesn't work?