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Relational value list

Question asked by planteg on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi all,


first I must say I come from the Access / MS SQL world. I am getting acquainted to FileMaker through FM12 Training Series.


My question is about the field called Include only related values stating from: in the Specify Fields for Value List "Name_of_value_list" dialog. I could not complete the exercise because I couldn't figure out exactly what to do from the field name. I loaded the solution db file, and got a hint by changing the language to French . I must say that my native language is French but I simply can't stand usual terms in French. That being said I understand that the Table Occurrence named here would be where the value would come from, in other words, the value domain (or source) where to go to get the value. Is that right ?


In Access I would have simply set the source of the List control to something like:


SELECT __Kp_AddresID, z_Address1Line FROM table_name

WHERE xxx = CustomerNumber


I must say that the Relational graph is quite intriguing for me... I will ask later for questions about this.