setting up many user accounts with webdirect

Discussion created by m.mcdonell on Jul 10, 2014
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I am just wrapping up a solution for my clients to log in and see their service orders and invoices, download them as pdf's and soon, pay their invoices). Each client has a unique client id number that I was going to assign to each user as their account name. An on open script would then match the account name with the client id so that it keeps things secure. (It would also run with limited access and no filemaker controls.

Is there an easy way to set up the account names (users) or do I have to manually add each one? I have just over 2400 clients now and am hoping for a soltution that does not require me to add each new account name as we go.

Also, I plan on having them change their password and set a certain character length for added security but what is the best way to inform them of the initial password? I know basic ways but am not sure what most peoiple are doing on filemaker since alot of you use if with 1000's of clients accessing it as well.

I am on FP13 Pro and FP13 Server if this helps.