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    seperate data on a line chart between users?




      I have never fiddled much with charts, and am a bit struggling.


      On FM 12 :

      Trying to maka a chart of best_times (y) vs date (x).

      The records are from 2 users (but there can be more later) : Falco and Tony (see printscreens attachted)


      On printscreen 2, you can see the chart, where the data of Tony is appended on the data of Falco.

      How can I get filemaker to make a secons graph from the data from Tony, so that there are 2 lines : one for Falco's performance, and one for Tony's performance?


      Later on, there can be other users, so there will be more lines on the chart.





      PS : wished result shows in attached "wished result.png".