WebDirect: Disappointing

Discussion created by mdiehr on Jul 11, 2014
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I've been running IWP solutions on FileMaker 11 Server Advanced for years now. While limited, I found that IWP was generally clean enough and fast enough to do the job.


I've just started runnign tests converting a solution to FMS13 and WebDirect.


My overall impression is that this is beta software: it's buggy, slow, and aesthetically unpleasing to my eye.


Here are some issues and limitations that are already proving problematic in the first 24 hours of testing:
* the [Guest] login is not working properly (it seems you have to set File Option to Guest login for it to work, but this has side-effects)

* Exit Application doesn't work if there's an "On Last Window Close" script

* the menubar and statusbar/toolbar flash on for 1-2 seconds on page load (which looks extremely unprofessional)

* upon exiting the solution, there's a giant red banner which says "Connection Lost" (or something, it flashes on briefly - which also looks unprofessional)

* data entry problems: hitting the Tab key sometimes skips fields, there's also no way to trap Return or Enter keys

* text in Merge fields doesn't line-wrap properly

* there's no way to pass in a parameter in a URL

* there's no way to navigate to a new URL in the same window

* there's an ugly "Script is running" dialog box that pops up frequently.

* the price per seat is crazy (as has been discussed)


Now, to be fair, perhaps my use case is not what WebDirect is meant for? I want a simple, lightweight web connector that can let the public fill out a few forms, do a search, and see some results. I don't want or need the entire full spectrum of filemaker featurues (menu, status bar, portals, import, export, etc.)


Given this experience, I'm seriously considering whether WebDirect is something I want to roll out for myself and my consulting clients. It may be that using the PHP connector is really going to give me what I need? That way I have full control over HTML/CSS and won't suffer all these limitations.


I'm looking for both general advice ("Use PHP?") and specific solutions to any of the issues I listed above.


As always, thanks in advance for help.