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    FM 13 Layout 'band'..



      I have a layout that looks like this. Please note the yellow Account Balance text.


      When I switch to Browse mode, I get a 'band' equal to the width of the Body above the body.

      What is that about? What is the purpose of it? How do I 'GET RID OF IT?'




      Mystified in Idaho... Thanks



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          Ron -


          Given that the background color is not the same in the current record (as seen by the current record indicator), I'm going to guess this is another record. What is the "Account Balance" object? Does it have any Conditional Formatting applied? Or, perhaps, does it extend into the header?



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            Stephen Huston

            It looks like a text object (or field with all borders/background cleared) which has highlight formatting applied -- either to the data itself in taht particular record, or, as Mike suggested, via conditional formatting depending on the data specific to that record, or the record number, or something else record-specific.


            The screenshot is of a list view with multiple records showing, but the highlighting only occurs on the second record--possibly due to lack of data in the first record?

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              Thanks for the idea.



              However, there is no 'data' above the existing Body.  As you can see in the picture below,

              there is just a single, narrow object in the Body with some fields on it.



              But, when I go into Browse mode, I get this:


              Notice how the gray 'extra area' is the same color as the 'off layout' gray area.


              I suspect the CSS is corrupted, so I tried selecting another Theme but that did not work.

              And, to make it even more mysterious, late last night, the problem went away.  This morning,

              after adding and deleting a few records, it comes back....Huh?


              How do I remove the influence of a Theme?

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                Stephen Huston

                Are you sure you're not in a List View in browse mode? Is there just a Single record in the found set, or multiple records?


                Try enlarging the header to be sure it clears everything from the body, then enlarge the body, selecting all of the body objects and moving them down a few pixels to be sure they don't touch any other part.


                Also check that nothing is grouped, as grouping objects which are in separate parts is problematic.


                If that fails, create a new blank layout with large header and body areas, then copy/past items between your old layout and the new one to see if starting a new layout helps at all.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  re Theme:


                  What influence do you want to remove?

                  You could duplicate the layout, then change the theme on one of them if you just want to change it, or select Classic as the theme. All layouts have a theme in the FMP12 file format, you cannot get away from themes as in older FM versions.

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                    I think I got it.  (I don't understand the 'why' the fix works but it seems to be effective)


                    To add a new record this script was being run:




                    After I deleted the //Sort Records command, everything works as expected. 

                    So, am I right in thinking that in List view there is a phantom record that got 'popped' to the top on the sort command?

                    I say this because if I add a record (1 of 1) and then delete all, FM asks me 'do I want to delete the 1 record?  I say Yes, run the add script (with sort) and the problem does not appear.

                    However, if I manually delete (via the row 'X' pictured above) individual records until they are all deleted and then run the 'addnewrecord' script above, the problem pops up.



                    But, if I use Records::Delete All, and then add a new record with the same script, everything works ok... hmmm...???


                    Your thoughts?





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                      "So, am I right in thinking that in List view there is a phantom record that got 'popped' to the top on the sort command?"


                      I would say so. As I mentioned before, since you're clearly in List view, the fact that the background color is different from what it is in Layout mode is a dead giveaway that you have an extra record. I don't believe your problem is the theme; your problem is more likely index corruption. I would suggest you save the file as a compacted copy and then see what happens.


                      Also, double-check a couple of other potential issues. Since the problem goes away when you disable the Sort Records command, double-check its contents to make sure they're valid (or delete the step and re-create it). You should also check your layout parts to make sure you don't have a stray subsummary part in there somewhere that's causing issues.



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                        Stephen Huston

                        It's still no clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. Running the new record script clearly creates a new record, but your script does nothing to populate the fields, so it appears as a blank record, and, when you sort the records, the blank appears at the top of the list based on the sort order specified. This all appears to be normal expected behavior, but I cannot figure out what you actually want to have happen instead.


                        Creating a blank record via scripting is something I never do in a report/list view unless I am also scripting the field content entry and a commit record step. Otherwise it will remain blank, barring any auto-enter values, and that doesn't appear to be what you want to have happen.


                        On the separate note regarding the sorting step. If the layout is not set to auto-sort, the new blank record is still created, it's just at the bottom end of the list instead of the top, but it's almost certainly still there as a blank record once the New Record step is run.

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                          If FM is adding a 'new' record, I should be able to click into the fields of that 'record'.  But, I can not. 

                          Anyway, the problem is solved by eliminating the sort above....  Just perplexing behavior....