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    WebDirect: 2.0 seconds to tab between fields?


      Can anyone verify this behavior in WebDirect?

      Make a blank layout:

      * add 2 fields (1, 2)


      Open in WebDirect in Safari

      * Click into field 1 and start typing: ABC[Tab]DEF


      Expected result:

      * Field 1 should contain "ABC"

      * Field 2 should contain "DEF"


      Actual results:

      * pretty much random: sometimes field 1 shows "ABCDEF" and the cursor jumps to field 2, but if you click back to field1 then it updates to show "ABC"?

      * it takes about 2.0 seconds to jump between fields.


      This i all running on a local gigabit ethernet network with a fast unloaded server and client.


      This seems to make WebDirect pretty much unusuable for me for touch typists.