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    Setting tabs in text fields


      I'm wondering...


      As there seems to be no bar available to set tabs how do you guys set tabs in text fields when creating form letters?

      Do you just add fixed tabs using the inspector or what do you do?


      And if I set tabs in one text field and then copy the contents to another field are the tabs copied along with the text or would I need to duplicate the tabs in the receiving field?


      TIA Hans

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          on the Mac I use option-tab to enter tabs into text fields.



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            This is when entering tabs from the keyboard...

            And the cursor just jumps to the next default tab.

            I suspect I can change the location of the default using the tab settings in the inspector.




            But when I need to script the creation of contents from a template field.

            Like in:


            "Following is a list of values:




            And now we display a second list of values:




            When creating the contents I insert tabs, between values, from a tab stored in a repeating global.


            Then, when I create the actual letter in another table I was wondering if I can use two different tab settings by fetching the tables from two different fields with two different defined tab settings.


            Or are the tab settings left behind when copying data from one field to another.

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              As far as I know you have to set tabs for a specific text field instance using the Appearance Inspector. I find that the best way to watch the effect on text in that field (assuming you have already inserted the tabs into the text itself) is to switch on Show –> Sample Data in the View menu; this enables you to watch the field contents responding to the tab settings you apply.

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                This is what I'm doing...


                I'm just wondering if one text field can be coersed to use more than one set of tab settings as might be needed for my example above

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                  No. Each field can have only a single set of tab settings. If you need something fancier, you'll need to go one level up and use, for example, an HTML document and a Web Viewer for display.

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                    Well, the end result is either a printed document sent via sneaker mail or a PDF document sent via email and I'm not experienced enough in the html area to say if that could actually solve this particular situation.


                    I suspect the solution might be a tab bar at the top of the window in addition to the formatting bar.

                    But that would probably mean a fair deal of enhancements made to the display of text windows, at least from the side of Filemaker


                    But it's good to know the limits...



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                      you can set tab position at each 'line' in browse mode, not field.

                      But this can't be scripted.

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                        This was most helpful as it caused me to discover things I had never noticed in FM as I have never had to use them before.


                        That is:


                        How to change the text ruler to "cm" by Ctrl clicking it.

                        How to get up the tab window by double clicking the text ruler.


                        Also I feel I discovered a bug in the "paste" command.


                        When I copy a tab formatted table in one field and paste it into another field only the first line is formatted correctly - tabwise.

                        The other lines fall back to the default tab settings that are valid before you start messing with the settings.


                        But when I copy/paste one line at a time all the lines format correctly in the receiving field.


                        So you guys have helped me more than you can imagine.  :-)