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FM bug? Drop down list selection sometimes keeps 2 values

Question asked by inalaop on Jul 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by keywords

I developed a solution that uses several drop down lists. I can click on a drop-down list, then click on one of the values and it will be successfully inserted into the text field (no problem). Sometimes however when I subsequently click on that drop down to change the value to a different value, the text field will actually show the old value and the new value TOGETHER !. I included some screen shots to prove my point. For example, I have a simple drop down with 3 values; Yes, No, and WL. On a record, I had chosen "No" from the dropdown and it showed "No" as expected. However, I recently tried to change this to "Yes" and after choosing "Yes" from the Dropdown, the text field showed "NoY". (It is a short field, so if I made it longer it probably would have shown, "NoYes"). So the dropdown field is somehow not deleting the previous value and showing BOTH values. This behavior happens about 10 percent of the time and also has happened in a few other drop down fields I have (as shown in some of my screen shots). It does not happen all the time though. One of my drop down lists has each month and as you can see from 1 screenshot, it is showing 2 months ("AugustOctober"). I do have a script trigger (onobjectmodify) attached to most of these dropdown fields mainly to prevent the cursor from 'jumping' automatically to the next field on the layout in the tab order. This script is mainly a commit step. Of important note though is that this dropdown problem also occurred before I attached these script triggers so I don't think they are involved.


I am using a new iMac, current OSX, and no other unusual programs or software settings.


Any thoughts ?