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    Can filemaker runtime work on Windows Embedded pc's ?



      I have the option of purchasing some industrial panel pc's, to operate on a production line, which feature Windows Embedded 8 and would like to know if the Filemaker V13 runtime would work on this version?


      If not, would the only method of sharing data to these pc's be through a web browser via Filemaker Server ?


      Any comments and assistance greatly appreciated!


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          What are the hardware specifications of said PCs? Panel PCs have a wide variety of configurations depending on manufacturer.


          Make sure at a minimum the hardware meets the suggested requirements here:



          While I have not tested windows 8 embedded, based on the OS specifications for Win8 embedded vs. pro, it would likely be supported. Of course filemaker's position is that it may work, but is not on their officially supported list.


          I would make a sample runtime with one of the starter solutions and see if you can test it out first before committing to the purchase.


          Of course CWP and WebDirect are compatible with any computer with modern browsers (CWP even moreso with older browsers) so that is always an option.

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            FileMaker Pro Advanced features are stripped from runtime applications. None of the commands on the File menu > Manage submenu are available in the runtime application. Runtime applications cannot be shared over a network and do not include the ability to Save/Send Records as Adobe PDF files. ODBC import, the Execute SQL script step, and using ODBC data sources in the relationships graph are not supported in runtime application. For a feature comparison of the runtime application with FileMaker Pro, see the FileMaker Pro Advanced Development Guide at www.filemaker.com/documentation.

            I worked with several versions of Windows Embedded XP and 7.  Essentially you  assemble the version of Windows that you need from components+your application to create your Embedded runtime. 


            A couple issues:  My understanding of the runtime is that it can't access network file as a shared database. Runtimes are strictly for a single machine.  That said, if that is acceptable in general any application that will run in standard Windows will also run with Windows Embedded, as long as all of the necessary Windows services and code are available in your Windows embedded runtime.


            I should think the an embedded solution with Windows runtime would be superior to a browser based solution with better speed and security. If you decide to go with a browser-based solution, you don't really need Windows Embedded; you could compile a custom Linux kernel, for example.

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              Thanks guys, I will proceed and test with caution when deployment comes around, also helpful to know the runtime can't open a shared database over the network.


              Many thanks.