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    Gradient rendering on Windows


      Hello everybody,


      the switches you see in the attached jpg were entirely created in Filemaker 13 on Mac. When wieved on a Windows machine there's a very ugly pixelation on the border. It happens on rounded rectangles having a gradient on them.


      Is this a bug ? Or is there a setting in FM 13 Win that I did not find and solves this problem ?


      Any help is welcome.



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          My 15+ years of windows tech support experience gives me the gut reaction that this is a windows issue, either your hardware itself, drivers, or settings.


          I have made similar solutions in filemaker 13 on windows that does not suffer the same pixelation that you have. But at the same time, have slight variations when viewing on different machines.


          Unfortunately, it's a major downside of windows, the possibility of millions of hardware combinations. Where on mac you only have a few, so it's easier to control quality.