Can't get 15% of the Sum

Discussion created by maddie on Jul 14, 2014
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In a report I'm working on, I have two subsummary parts. The first subsummary is by the contact's name, which shows what they've earned in total. The second subsummary is sorted by date, which displays what they earned for that day. Then all the individual records below that to show the seperate dollar amounts if they conducted more than one purchase. My client wants to see 15% of what a contact has earned when running the report, both in the contact name subsummary and by the date subsummary.


I am working with Contact Sum, which is a summary field that is the total of Contact Ttl. Contact Ttl simply adds up their profits and sales if the status is paid.


The calculation field's context is Contact Sum * .15


This should work, yet the field is repeating 1486.05 across all names and dates no matter who they are or how much they earned. After a bit of mathmatics I found out that the 1486.05 is the grand total of what everyone earned together. This is not what I want it needs to be seperated by name and date.