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      As a first time attendee to DevCon, what type of attire should I plan on packing and wearing? I know that some business conferences have a strict dress code, but I have been unable to find any information regarding attire at DevCon.

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          Stephen Huston

          If you dress as if for a Casual Friday at work, you will be among the well-dressed.

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            Shorts and a t-shirt is pretty much the norm. Some wear business casual, but its not required.

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              There is no formal dress code at DevCon. Most people dress in a casual manner - slacks and collared pull over shirt seems most popular combination.  I usually bring a sport coat, almost never wear it.

              I'll be missing DevCon this year. Hope you enjoy it and find it of great value.

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                Stephen Huston

                FMI has distributed FM-branded shirts at some DevCons, and those have varied from short-sleeved pull-overs to blue work-shirts. It can be quite strange to walk into a room of 1000 people with a third of them all wearing the FM shirt!

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                  ten-gallon hat, appropriate if desired

                  comfy shoes, required!

                  chaps, ok but must also have jeans, slacks or shorts as well

                  lariats & lassos, leave at home as there's nothing to rustle

                  light jacket/windbreaker, if the air-conditioning is too cold (usually is for me)

                  swim suit, if you want to take a dip in the tank out back (texan for pool)


                  seriously, as good as you want to look without looking "over-dressed" and being as comfortable as possible. Conference shirts should be distributed at check-in, so maybe you want to find out the color and style of these to "co-ordinate"


                  don't forget a back-pack for carrying saddle and laptops/tablets, minus the saddle of course

                  oh, and texican-english/language-or-your-choice dictionary if you venture from the conference




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                    Some of these responses indicate fairly lax dress standards.  True the bar is not high, but I would not say things like wearing shorts will be the norm.  Yes, some people will wear them.  Most of the casual dressed people are more along the lines of jeans and a reasonable shirt.  No one wears ties or suits.  And if you do wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.... you're gonna be cold.  FileMaker always manages to keep these venues rather cool.  I find myself running out of meetings to step outside to warm up often - haha.  So even though it is Texas... you really might consider some long sleeve shirts. 

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                      Thongs are frowned upon

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                        You can't go wrong with determining your median sartorial comfort level and then raising the bar a notch or two.  While suits are pretty uncommon, no one has ever been frowned upon for looking good. 


                        Depends on your networking goals as well.  If you're there mainly to improve your coding game, your old Black Flag t-shirts are fine, but maybe don't wear it when meeting that pharmaceutical corporate prospect in the coffee shop (unless you've got the chops to pull it off).

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                          I want to thank everyone for your comments.


                          From what I am gathering, the conference has a relaxed atmosphere, so most days I should be fine wearing my chinos or a nice pair of jeans with a polo shirt (i.e. what I wear for "Casual Friday"). I will, however, definitely pack my shorts, just in case I feel overdressed.


                          I look forward to seeing y'all in San Antonio!

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                            Stephen Huston

                            The shorts are a good option to have for any outdoors activity you might squeeze into your schedule. FMI always manages to find locations which rank up there with Death Valley for mid-Summer weather, which is why the indoors is kept refrigerated.


                            Summer in the City.... Prepare for both extremes.

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                              Just remember it is going to be HOT, Upper 90's during the day and mid to lower 80's at night. Wednesday through Friday there is a chance of Thunderstorms that will keep it in the 80's.

                              Dress as casual and cool as you can if you are going to spend time outside. I would also recommend sunscreen and a hat. If you are staying at the Marriot or a hotel near by, you will want to hit the pool!

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                                chinos and polos during the day is more than acceptable.


                                For the weds. dinner, I would recommend shorts and a tshirt, lest you melt to death at the ranch.

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                                  Thanks, Mike! I was wondering specifically about the social events… Normally, one would think "dress up" for these. But with the heat and the location, I'm just not sure what to make of this one. I'll have my wife with, so she is wondering as well. She gets a kick out of hanging out with "all the geeks" - dont' worry, it's a term of endearment. My license plate is "MACGEEK" so no offense taken!

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                                    coherentkris, are you referring to flip-flop sandals, or the other definition? 

                                    As George Takei would say, "Oh, myyyyyy!" 

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