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Discussion created by msbertrand on Jul 15, 2014

Issue with Web Server using IIS (FileMake Server Standard, not Advanced therefore IWP disabled)


On July 1st 2014, FM server - than - reported an error - WPE component is not responding and stop working.


Started admin console, restarted the web deployment, works no problem. This issue occured 4 or 5 times since July 1st, until July 9th 2014.


On July 9th, I did the same operation, but at that point the web engine did not re-started. I than 'edit server deployment' - FM Sample file was present and I keep it there always - first test step 'Check Web Server' result 'Cannot contact web server'.


I rebooted my server - at least 3 times - replicate the 'edit server deployment' and the same error 'Cannot contact web server' occured.


Than, I updated my FM Server version to FM, did the same operation, got the same result.


At this point, I am about to 'remove' FM Server, re-install FM server, re-edit server deployment but I am suspecting to obtain the same results.


Anyone has anything to share with me?



Martin Bertrand

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