Pledge for revised and new features in Webdirect

Discussion created by intex on Jul 16, 2014
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Hi at all,


we are now online with our first FM Webdirect based cloud service: (German language only), online demo available


With this we stumbled over the following things we find very annoying and would like to see improvements on FileMaker´s side:


a) the menu bar should not be shown as default - who wants this online ? - or should collapse much quicker after start of the solution

b) we use a link like

so that the user comes back to our site when he logs out. In this process you see as a splash screen "communication lost". This looks like an error, but it isn´t, since you are logged out. This should be omitted.

c) It´s very bad that either Webdirect can´t produce PDF nor send file attachments via mail. Generating PDFs should be a basic function today.

d) Webdirect should get at least two times faster in GUI reaction ...

e) hosting for many users is terrible expensive, we are very interested what customers will think, but we give it a try now.


What do you think ?