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Discussion created by ShaunS on Jul 17, 2014
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So it appears that OSX provides no support for touchscreen monitors because Apple feel the OS is not touch optimised. This however leaves Filemaker in a bit of a predicament as it works very well in a POS or Kiosk style.


Having just created a Filemaker solution, on a windows PC, that takes complicated JDF / JMF software and ties it in to our ERP solution so that sending multiple jobs to a large format printer was as simple as touching the screen twice (once to select material and the other to select the destination printer), I was extremely disappointed that it doesn't work under OSX due to these missing drivers.


We were completely Windows based until 2 days ago when we purchased 3 Mac Mini's and an touchscreens specifically for this project (we had to run Mac's due to the third party software.)


Trawling through the internet it appears if you want to have a touchscreen solution, you have the following options:


1.) Buy a PC


2.) Buy an ELO touchscreen (however this warning is given: The Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) and Projected Capacitive touch technologies are not supported by all operating systems including Mac and some versions of Linux)


3.) Buy a driver from Touchbase who will happily charge you £95 per screen (yes you did read that correctly)


4.) Complile your own driver in xcode


We are about to attempt option 4 but really I would like to see Filemaker put a bit of pressure on Apple regarding this.


Fingers crossed...........