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    How to Specify a Saved Find?


      I'm trying to get small catalog production to a simple script activation.

      I have saved finds for each catalog's contents and the layouts are established.

      In Edit Script I'm using Perform Find and trying to specify a Saved Find but the Specify Find Requests dialog only shows a list of the Find Requests of a recent Find.

      How can I select one of the Saved Finds for the Perform Find step of the script?


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          You can achieve what i think you mean as follows:


          1.     perform one of your saved finds

          2.     then immediately go in to edit your script

          3.     select a fresh Perform Find step—by default, FM will present you with the last Find it performed

          4.     you can now lock that in as the saved find for that script step

          5.     don't start with a Perform Find step you already have in the script, as then the default will be whatever is already in there—the key is to go straight from the Find you just performed, to a fresh Perform Find script step


          Note: you can't, from inside the script editor, select a saved find—these are separate animals—but if you do it as above you can achieve the same purpose. By following these steps you can run each of your saved finds and then lock each of them into its own Perform Find script step, which you can then call as required.

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            This method did not work. As soon as I performed another saved find for something else, I ran the other script and if presented me with the last one I jut performed. How do we LOCK it in? You save the script but it's not working.

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              I suggest that you set up a means for specifying the find criteria instead of a saved find.


              You might look at this thread for ideas:

              Scripted Find Examples