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    Pop up text size


      I have an iOS solution that needs a slightly larger text for selection on the iPad to reduce selection errors during entry and make things easier for users in general.


      I cannot seem to figure out how to do this. I can enlarge the field text size and the selection text enlrges as well in FMP but with Go it stays a standard size. I hope this is not not somehting I need to change in iOS settings for larger text on the entire iPad. Is there a way to do this in Filemaker?


      The same thing happens with Drop-down.

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          If you use the Touch themes you will find they apply larger text sizes by default. For example, the Enlightened theme uses 12pt type, while Enlightened Touch use 16pt. The Touch version of any theme is designed for mobile devices, so you should use one of these either as is, or as the basis of your own customised theme when designing for devices.

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            Started with a touch theme. I am hoping to get to 20pt. I will have to see how I can do this within the theme. Thanks for the direction.

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              I am not finding any way to change the text size within the theme. Do you have any more specific advice on how I can accomplish this.

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                Select a text field or text object, then change its characteristics to what you want using the Appearance inspector, then save the changed version either as a change to the current style or as a new style, then save the changes to the theme, either as a customisation of the existing theme (not advised, as you will end up with two themes with the same name) or as a new theme.

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                  The problem is that for iOS with FMGo changing the font size in the inspector does not seem to change the pop-up text. Only the field text.

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                    What do you mean by popup text?

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                      Pop-up and drop down have the same issue in FMGo for iPad.  The pop-up is the list that pops up when you tap the field that is setup with a pop-up from any sort of value list.


                      In FMP the pop up text changes size with the field. In FMGo for iPad the pop up list seems to stay constant.


                      On an iPhone the list is a static size in a lower screen scrolling menu.

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                        I have just tried it out and saw the same thing. Interesting functionality. I too would like to see the font size change in the value lists with the field. I guess they want to prevent people from poor design by either making the font size so small or so large. At least, for the value lists. People can still go crazy with the fields.



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                          Same thing happens with WebDirect. Trying to make somehting for people with vision impairments or situatioins with bad visibility is tough.


                          I can work around this with a popover and some sort of layout or portal with script triggers to set the value of the field, but not what I was looking for.