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Font Color Question

Question asked by coherentkris on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by keywords

I've got some strangeness going on with an FM 13 file that I can't seem to fix.

FMA 13.03 on windows 7.

File is served by FMSA 13 on Windows

File in question has a custom theme.

Their are no red flags in the theme or style definition related to text.

Default font color for text in the style is black.

57 layouts in the file with three that are problematic.



Open one of non problem layouts in layout mode.

Show formatting bar.

Show status toolbar.

Select the text tool.

Add text to layout.

Text shows up black as expected and the font color picker shows black


Go to any of the three problem layout and follow same steps above.

Color picker shows nothing ( or light grey?? ) selected.

Open the color picker and it shows "Other Color" checked.

Go to "Other Color" dialog and it shows rgb = 242, 242, 242

Text is 242, 242, 242 not black.


I ran a recover on the file for sanity checking and the log showed a bunch of stranded 11 stranded library objects and two instances of 8476 related to themes classic and cool grey.


Any ideas?