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Server 8 and FM Pro 8-10 (clients) send mail script step - attachment missing

Question asked by MartinBridges on Jul 18, 2014
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A new client asked me to write a script to allow his invoices to be sent by email with a pdf attached. He is running FM Server 8 and using FM Pro clients between 8 and 10.


The script works as it should from a copy of the database on my desktop (Mac 10.7) or laptop (PC Windows8), but when the file is on his server no pdf gets attached.

Interestingly if I use the script step 'Save record as pdf' and click 'Create email with the file as an attachment' using the same $FilePath it works fine on the server!


The 3 script steps that are at issue (see attached image) are


[1] Set a variable of the filepath/filename

[2] Save the invoice as a pdf

[3] Send mail, attaching the pdf.


Any comments would be appreciated.