FM-GO refuses to create new record

Discussion created by dburnham on Jul 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2014 by dburnham

I have the database open on both my iPad and my computer. Logged in with identical account on both devices. Same privilege set, same custom menus, same everything.


On the computer, the New Record command in a script creates the new record. On the iOS device, the script jumps over the New Record script step. I've tried capturing with Get(lasterror) in a custom dialog whatever might be the issue immediately after the new record command, but it comes up with error 200 - record access is denied.


The words "record access is denied" is a little bit different from "Your Access Privileges do not .....". But what I can't figure out is what would deny record access on the mobile device while permitting it in the computer.


The record is being created in a secondary database. I've noticed that on the computer, that secondary database file is properly hidden but accessible using the Window-Show command. On the mobile device, when I use the icon in the upper left corner and select Windows, the secondary database file is not visible as a second window, but I know it is open because I can see the data in the existing records.


Just can't create a new one. No idea why. Would appreciate any suggestions.


thanks in advance.