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Discussion created by mrosenhek on Jul 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by DanielShanahan

I want to create my own theme so looked up how to do so. Seemed easy enough (made the format changes and saved the layout), but when I tried to save the theme, the inspector options for doing this were not available (ie grey). Like this.



Then eventually (after leaving the layout and coming back after a while) I was able to save it as a new theme and give it a name. But when I went to apply it, I was unable to find it in the list of themes.


I let it go and decided to simply use the classic theme and then modify the formatting of the field manually as I have done in the past with other themes. I was able to change fonts and size but CAN'T get the field to display borders in Preview. I do see the borders in BROWSE. Other objects such as rectangles accept any format I want but fields will not display the fill colour or line size.


Then it occured to me that perhaps one cannot use "classic" as a starting point upon which to build a new theme, perhaps has something to do with using it in WD. So I used the GREEN theme as a starting point, and was able to achieve what I want but now the blasted inspector options are not available again to save those formats as a new theme!


Any takers?


PS I have quit FM and relaunched the app; hopefull not corruption.