New to filemaker trying to setup report

Discussion created by vlynn on Jul 18, 2014
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I am working on setting up DB to keep info for 35 + of our real estate property listings. (currently using spreadsheets to track activity/showings, price changes, advertising, sales/commissions etc.)

Am I crazy thinking this would be good solution for FM DB? I have The Missing Manual and done online tutorials and have basic understanding now.

SETUP - I have a Property Table and Property Layout with Listing ID (serial #) and relevant fields of contact, sales info, etc.

Also have Advertising Table and Layout which includes 3 different fields for adcopy (bullets, short, long) because different publications have different max charact allowed.

Trying to create 2 reports:

REPORT to email weekly to publications - Weekly I email publications with the 6 or 7 properties to run, showing the MLS #, price, photo and respective Adcopy. (Note: adcopy is same length for all properties each week per publication

REPORT for Client - Would like one reflecting their ad dates and publications.

Thought eventually would maybe work as portal on main Property Layout.

Thank you.