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    FMS13 WebPublishing Error 701




      The web publishing engine of the FileMaker Server 13 keeps crashing.

      The FM Server log says only: Error 701


      The Windows Application log says:


      P1 fmscpc.exe


      P3: 5354f58

      P4: FMEngine.dll


      P6: 53543d62

      P7: c0000005

      P8: 0000000000107769


      This is a Windows Server 2012 R2

      10GB RAM


      FileMaker 13 mit unlimited WebDirect Connections


      This error is driving us nuts.

      The only secure way is to reboot the server to get rid of the error.


      any help is appreciated


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          I am getting a similar 701 error.


          FileMaker Server 13.0v2 on ---- reported the following event:


          2014-07-22 14:56:16.434 -0600          Error          701          ----   Java Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally.


          It was recommended that I upgrade to Java 7 65 (64 bit) on my Windows Server 2012 R2 which I did, and removed Java 7 51.  When I restart I get this error above.  The "test" database installed with FMS shows all is well (FMP, PHP, WebDirect) but the server warning has me concerned.  Why this message says FMS 13.0v2 is beyond me.  I double checked and all servers are


          Suggestions or recommendations?



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            So after hours of testing and error trapping we discovered that on a certain file on a certain layout was crashing WebDirect when entering find mode.

            Recreating the layout did help.


            The recover of FileMaker found no errors, so I assume the file was in good condition.

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              Hi, i get the same error, but first start whit one database, i have like 100 databases but a week ago when i open a particular data base web publishing engine crash, i recreate the complete data base and still not work, the porblem is that now almost every data base i open in web direct crash the web publishign engine. what can i do?

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                Hi an Update for you.

                The problem (crash) was caused by a corrupt Layout.

                We found this error only by try and error. Not to mention this was not much fun to restart the Web-Publishing engine everytime.

                As said, FileMaker Recovery wasn't successful finding this damage.

                We had to recreate the Layout and copy and paste alle elements from the broken Layout to the new Layout.

                The error was in the Layout itself.

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                  Thanks. in my case it was a java problema in the server, I have to unistal filemaker server and java and then reinstale it and it works, I lose a lot of time but at least it works at the end