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Send Keystrokes from FMP 13

Question asked by rmittelman on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by erolst

I have this way-cool application for iPhone called MyPhoneDesktop. If you have the iPhone app installed and in the background, and you have either the Windows or Mac Client installed, you can select text using Control-C-C for Windows or Command-C-C for Mac, and the selected text is sent to the iPhone. In addition, if you have a phone number selected, it will send it to the iPhone and ask if you want to dial it.


That got me to thinking. My FMP database has phone numbers in it. In the iPhone layouts, there is a little phone icon next to the phone number field, and when I tap that it dials the phone. Why not try to accomplish the same thing in the Mac layouts?


So is there a script command in Filemaker to actually generate keystrokes? If so, I could tell the button setup of the phone icon to run a script to put the text of the phone number into the clipboard and then send the Command-C-C keystroke as if the user had typed it in. In my Windows scripting and VB experience, I would simply use the "SendKeys" command.


Any ideas how to accomplish this in FMP?