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FMServer 13 Admin Console very slow remotely

Question asked by JoelShapiro on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by dkb

Hi all


I've got a brand new installation of FMS13.0.3 on a client's server (Windows Server 2008 (virtual), 8GB RAM).


I can work with the Admin Console on the local machine (via localhost) without any problems, however from any other machine (at IP:16000/admin-console) I can log in fine but then clicking any tab (e.g. Activity) brings up the rotating "loading" image in the top right of the window, which quickly changes from white to yellow to red, and then stays on red -- sometimes for a minute or two, sometimes forever. Two of us have tried from numerous different machines, both onsite and offsite via VPN, and always the same bad results.


Since it works fine locally, it seems it's a network issue.


Port 16000 is open. (I'd imagine if this were a port issue then I would not even be able to log in and view the initial Status page.)


Connecting to hosted DBs remotely through FMP is fine.


Anybody seen this before? Anybody know how to fix it?