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    Platinum FBA Members and # of Certified Developers


      FileMaker 13 Certification test became available not too long ago (April 30th, 2014) and Devcon is upon us in a little over a week (July 28th) in San Antonio.


      One of the things FileMaker does at Devcon is give each participant a lanyard name badge and they include little stickers on the bottom to show such things as where you are from. But one of the things that they include is if you are a current Certified FileMaker developer. It seems like a number of Devcon participants compete to have the most stickers including the Certified Developer sticker. The test hasn't been out all that long, but if you want to get tested and possibly be certified before Devcon, you have one more week to do it.


      More info on certification is at:



      But as a bit of a comparison (and maybe competition), I went through the list of FBA Platinum members under the Consultants tab on the FileMaker web site tonight (July 18th) and tallied up the number of certified developers by company. Maybe this will give some incentive among companies to get a few more certified developers, if possible before Devcon. Here are the numbers by company according to FileMaker's web site. If there are any errors, they may possibly be a typo. But if you believe it is wrong, look it up on the web site and talk with FileMaker if your company's count is wrong. Also, there were too many to look up all companies, so these are just the Platinum companies.


      • The average FBA Platinum company has 1.53 FM 13 Certified Developers.
      • There are 108 Platinum Companies with 165 Certified Developers.
      • 39 companies have no certified developers.
      • 32 have 2 or more certified developers.



      Platinum Companies with 3 or more FM 13 Certified Developers:


      # Company

      __ _______________________________

      09 Direct Impact Consulting

      09 Full City

      07 Soliant

      07 Skeleton Key

      07 Excelisys,Inc.

      07 dbservices

      06 The Support Group, Inc.

      06 Fin Finaud Consulting inc.

      06 Digital Fusion Limited

      05 IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.

      05 Beezwax Datatools, Inc.

      04 La Source multimedia

      04 Goya Pty Ltd

      04 ClickWorks bvba

      03 SHpartners

      03 MC Services

      03 Linear Blue

      03 GTI Canada Inc.

      03 DataTherapy

      03 AlaMark Technologies




      List of All Platinum FBA companies:


      # Company

      __ _______________________________

      02 株式会社ジェネコム

      01 株式会社バルーンヘルプ

      00 318, Inc.

      01 360Works

      00 72solutions GmbH

      01 Active Developpement

      03 AlaMark Technologies

      01 Alan Stirling Technology Ltd

      02 Angel City Data

      01 Antidote Solutions

      01 Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC

      02 Anvil Dataworks

      01 BabelFix Ltd.

      00 Bachmann Support GmbH

      05 Beezwax Datatools, Inc.

      02 BH&A

      00 Blue Kite Software Ltd

      01 Cleveland Consulting, Inc.

      04 ClickWorks bvba

      01 Codeo A/S

      02 Computech IT Services Ltd

      01 CoreSolutions Software Inc.

      01 COSA

      00 Creative-Networks Application

      00 DabuSoft

      00 Dale Technology

      01 Database Pros

      03 DataTherapy

      07 dbservices

      01 Decent Group

      00 Denbigh International Pty Ltd

      00 denkform gmbh

      06 Digital Fusion Limited

      09 Direct Impact Consulting

      00 DTO DeskTop Organisation GmbH

      00 eibel.businesssoftware

      00 EnglishComp

      07 Excelisys,Inc.

      00 FileMaker Mentor

      06 Fin Finaud Consulting inc.


      09 Full City

      01 Gearbox Solutions

      04 Goya Pty Ltd

      01 GreenPages, Inc.

      03 GTI Canada Inc.

      00 Günther Business Solutions GmbH

      01 Harmonic Data Associates, Inc.

      01 herrfriedrich.com

      00 HGIsystems IT OG

      00 iFresh

      00 iGeek Ltd

      01 IMA'DIFF

      00 Ingeno Solutions AG

      01 inRESONANCE

      01 iSolutions, Inc.

      01 iSOS

      05 IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.

      00 JobReady Solutions

      00 Junior

      01 Juppo (株式会社ジュッポーワークス)

      00 K&K Verlag GmbH

      00 KAMAR Limited

      01 Kempen Automatisering

      02 Kyo Logic LLC

      01 Kotobuki Shokai (株式会社寿商会)

      04 La Source multimedia

      03 Linear Blue

      00 Macrogram SA

      01 MacTutor, Inc.

      02 MaJic Solutions Limited

      02 Maliverkstan

      00 Management Counseling Services

      03 MC Services

      00 Medio AG

      00 MicroServ LLC

      02 MightyData, LLC

      00 Montania System AB

      01 MSN Media, Inc.

      01 Neo Code Software Ltd

      01 New Millennium Communications, Inc.

      02 NightWing Enterprises

      01 NORSULT Nordic minded Consulting

      01 PositionEtt

      01 Pre1 Software

      00 Premium System AB

      01 Productive Computing, Inc.

      00 PROJEKT PRO GmbH

      01 Rabbe Consult A/S

      02 Richard Carlton Consulting

      01 Seedcode

      00 SetFile

      03 SHpartners

      00 sinobit GmbH

      07 Skeleton Key

      01 Small Company

      00 Softouch Technologies Ltd

      07 Soliant

      01 Solinf S.r.l.

      00 Streamtime Software Ltd

      00 Technology Group SL.

      01 The Moyer Gruop, Inc.

      02 The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

      06 The Support Group, Inc.

      00 Transmedia Communications Ltd

      00 x Cross solution

      00 Yes! We Can (株式会社イエスウィキャン)

      00 Zimmel+Partner GmbH



      In case you are asking why you might want certified, you do get better exposure by FileMaker Inc. in the Consultants tab if you are certified and an FBA member. It is also a good marketing sales point when pitching a project to a new client. And there are also secondary benefits. The ones that I pointedly benefit from are reduced insurance costs for General Liability Insurance and Errors & Omissions Insurance. And it sets you apart from other job applicants if you are looking for a FileMaker development job.



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          Hi Taylor.


          We're reviewing our Business Liability and E&O insurance concurrently, and we're also looking at adding Cyber Insurance (we have an IT division and it has come up in client discussions).


          What provider did you use that factored your 'certified developer' count/status into their rates? Just curious as I do my shopping where I should be looking.



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            I'm using the Hartford through Ensureon.  Both Business Liability and E&O insurance questions ask about whether you are certified in your field and used for determining if you are eligible for insurance and how much the insurance is.  I guess a good question to ask my agent would be how much my insurance was reduced by being certified.  I doubt it is significant, but I will take all cost reductions that I can!  I imagine it applies more to the E&O insurance rate (or eligibility) than to the general business liability insurance.  I'm sure they treat this just like a company that has staff certified by Microsoft or Adobe and this has nothing special to do with FileMaker.  They probably view it as an additional defense for any suits they have to defend.