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Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Jul 19, 2014
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I have a Mysql database.


Please read carefully as this is subtle


I have a copy hosted om OSX 6.8


And a copy hosted on Linux Centos 6.5


I have a view defied in boih dbs, which have been synchonized, that includes this derived column:



`people`.`a_person_id` AS `a_person_id`,

`people`.`b_name_first` AS `b_name_first`,

`people`.`b_name_last` AS `b_name_last`,


MONTH (`people`.`b_dob`),


YEAR (`people`.`b_dob`)

) AS `b_dob2`





Using Navicat ( latest versions which include ther own driver ) on either Windows or OSX I can display this vew and see the derived column --no problem-- with either OSX or the Linux hosted copies


Mapping the view into FIlemaker using MysQL 32 bit driver 5.2a (on Windows) or the Actual driver (OS X) v 3.1.13 I can view the column just fine - but only for the OS X version. For the Centos version the Column Just ain't there -- no error message. (see attached) . I am using same access creds for Navicat and Filemaker.


So its not a permissions issue.


Its not a MySQL view construction issue.


Its not ODBC driver issue per se.


The only possible clue is that the OSX MySQL version is 5.5 whereas the Centos version is 5.2, and somehiw both the Windows and Actual driver versiond just happen to be incompatibe with this particar column (Other derived columns in the same view are working fine) when used to supply results to FM ESS shadow tables.


Which is a stretch -- any thoughts? (I am upgrading the Centos machine to MySQL 5.5 and will report)