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Insert Picture vs Set Field

Question asked by analistamarcio on Jul 19, 2014
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I have a solution to crop images.

The containers fields store the images externally (one secure and other open).

By the web viewer + javascript + external plug-in, I can make the images crop.

If I use the script step "Set Field" to copy a image from a field to the other field (the open container field to secure container field), the image attributes (width and height) doesn't changed.

I use the script step GetWidth and GetHeight to read this image attributes.

If I use the script step "Insert Picture" to do this same operation, the image attributes are updated correctly.

Do I have some procedure wrong or I found some bug?


//-- Using Set Field script step:

Set Field [ Table1::Photo; Table1::PhotoTEMP ]


//-- Using Insert Picture script step:

Set Variable [ $PhotoTEMPnew; Value:$$Photo ]

Go to Field [ Table1::Photo ]

[ Select/perform ]

Insert Picture [ “$PhotoTEMPnew” ]


Thank you,

Marcio Nunes.