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    Cannot download from FMI

      Am I the only one that cannot get anything to download from here:




      I have tried both FMS13 and FMPA13.  Both switch to another view which looks like it attempts to download but nothing happens.  I am on 10.9.4 and I have tried both Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 and Safari Version 7.0.5 (9537.77.4).  Both browsers show nothing is being downloaded.  I have shut down my system and restarted (rMBP13 2014).  I can download other things from other websites.  It 'completes' the download instantly and obviously isn't doing anything.


      Ideas please?  :-)

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          I just tried it and it is working for me.  Mac OS X 10.8.5 with Safari 6.1.5 and Time Warner Business class for ISP. 


          Make sure you don't have popups blocked!

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            Thanks, Taylor - I had tried all of that first but stepped through everything again and it was all fine so I left it as it was.  I finally turned on my wireless and tried the download and it was working.  So I stopped the download and turned off wireless so my network handled it again, and it worked then also. 


            We all spend far too much time and energy sometimes - just getting the software/hardware all working properly at same time.  And I have less problems now on Mac than I did on Windows but still ...


            Our grandkids will laugh hearing what we've had to go through when all they do is think it and everything just happens.  It can't be here soon enough for me!  Thanks again.  :-)

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              haha... well glad it worked out.  Kids today can't even imagine not having an internet.  And when I had a mobile phone was when I was in Junior High and Dad got us one of those 50 foot phone cords for the house phone and I could take it in the other room for privacy - haha.