How to force a field to remain active / prevent it to be exited ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Jul 21, 2014
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I need to have a field always active with blinking insertion cursor. I need that no matter what they do, user can't exit it (unless quitting filemaker pro).


Using "Go To Field" Script step, I can make sure with LayoutScript triggers that upon opening the solution, the field is selected correctly.


Howewer, with an OnObjectExit script that just do a "Go To Field", if the user clicks on the background, the script is not re-selected.


Strangely, if I run the script that does the "Go To Field" from the Script Menu it works as expected the field remain selected with blinking cursor


So how can I make sure that field remains selected (I don't want to use loops because teh cusror must be blinking to allow field entry)




Filemaker Pro 13 advanced, Mac OS X 10.9.4